4 oz "Screen Kleen" with 12 x 12 Micro Fiber cloth is the best screen cleaner.
Use for TV LCD/Plasma Screens, Camcorder/Camera Screens, Computer Screens, DVD's, CD's, Eye Glasses, and Camera Lens. It will remove fingerprints, dust, without the smear.
"Screen Kleen" is SAFE and won't abrade, harm, or remove anti-glare of the sensitive screen surfaces.
"Screen Kleen's" proprietary fluid is pH neutral (NO ALCOHOL, AMMONIA, or POLYMERS).
The Micro Fiber Cloth has ultra-fine, double-density composition that gives you more cleaning surface of any other micro fiber cloth.
NOTE ABOUT SCREEN CLEANERS: Products with high levels of isopropyl alcohol can harm polycarbonate screens and remove anti-glare coatings. Gel products can cause screen smearing. JVC's cleaner does not contain isopropyl alcohol and it is not gel based.

For Models: DLA-F110E DLA-HD1 DLA-HD250 DLA-HD350 DLA-HD750 DLA-RS10U DLA-RS20U DLA-RS45U DLA-RS4800U DLA-RS55U DLA-RS65U GC-FM2AUS GC-FM2BUS GC-FM2YUS GC-WP10AUS GS-TD1BUS GZ-EX210AUS GZ-EX210BUS GZ-EX210RUS GZ-EX210VUS GZ-EX210WUS GZ-ES215BUS GZ-EX250BUS GZ-E10AUS GZ-E10BUS GZ-E10RUS GZ-E10VUS GZ-E200AUS GZ-E200BUS GZ-HD10US GZ-HD3US GZ-HD30US GZ-HD300AUS GZ-HD300BUS GZ-HD300RUS GZ-HD320BUS GZ-HD40US GZ-HD5US GZ-HD500BUS GZ-HD520BUS GZ-HD620BUS GZ-HD7US GZ-HM1SUS GZ-HM200AUS GZ-HM200BUS GZ-HM200RUS GZ-HM30AUS GZ-HM30BUS GZ-HM30RUS GZ-HM30SUS GZ-HM30VUS GZ-HM300BUS GZ-HM320BUS GZ-HM340BUS GZ-HM400US GZ-HM440AUS GZ-HM440BUS GZ-HM440RUS GZ-HM450AUS GZ-HM450BUS GZ-HM450RUS GZ-HM50AUS GZ-HM50BUS GZ-HM50RUS GZ-HM650BUS GZ-HM670BUS GZ-HM690BUS GZ-HM960BUS GZ-MG130US GZ-MG150US GZ-MG155US GZ-MG157US GZ-MG20US GZ-MG21US GZ-MG230US GZ-MG255US GZ-MG27US GZ-MG30US GZ-MG31US GZ-MG330AUS GZ-MG330HUS GZ-MG330RUS GZ-MG335HUS GZ-MG335WUS GZ-MG35US GZ-MG360BUS GZ-MG365BUS GZ-MG40US GZ-MG430HUS GZ-MG435HUS GZ-MG465BUS GZ-MG50US GZ-MG505US GZ-MG555US GZ-MG57US GZ-MG630AUS GZ-MG630RUS GZ-MG630SUS GZ-MG645BUS GZ-MG650BUS GZ-MG67US GZ-MG670BUS GZ-MG680BUS GZ-MG70US GZ-MG77US GZ-MS100RUS GZ-MS100US GZ-MS120AUS GZ-MS120BUS GZ-MS120RUS GZ-MS130AUS GZ-MS130BUS GZ-MS230AUS GZ-MS230BUS GZ-MS230RUS GZ-MS90US KD-AHD75BT KD-AVX40 KD-AVX77 KD-A735BT KD-A805 KD-HDR71BT KD-R730BT KD-R800 KD-R900 KD-X50BT KW-ADV793 KW-AVX830 KW-NT3HDT KW-R800BT KW-R900BT LT-V18U LT-Z26SX5 LT-Z37DX5 LT-Z37SX5 LT-Z40SX6 LT-17X475 LT-17X576 LT-19A200 LT-19A210 LT-19D200 LT-19D210 LT-19D610 LT-19E610 LT-22E710 LT-23X475 LT-23X576 LT-26WX84 LT-26X506 LT-26X575 LT-26X576 LT-26X585 LT-26X776 LT-32A200 LT-32A210 LT-32DM20 LT-32DV20 LT-32D200 LT-32D210 LT-32EM20 LT-32EM49 LT-32EX38 LT-32E478 LT-32E479 LT-32E488 LT-32E710 LT-32JM30 LT-32J300 LT-32P300 LT-32P510 LT-32P679 LT-32WX50 LT-32X987 LT-3206 LT-37EX37 LT-37EX38 LT-37E478 LT-37E488 LT-37X987 LT-40FH96 LT-40FH97 LT-40FN97 LT-40X667 LT-40X787 LT-40X887 LT-42EM59 LT-42EX38 LT-42E478 LT-42E488 LT-42E910 LT-42J300 LT-42PM30 LT-42PM51 LT-42P300 LT-42P510 LT-42SL89 LT-42WX70 LT-42XM48 LT-42X579 LT-42X688 LT-42X898 LT-42X899 LT-46FH97 LT-46J300 LT-46PM51 LT-46P300 LT-46P510 LT-46SL89 LT-47EM59 LT-47XC58 LT-47X579 LT-47X788 LT-47X898 LT-47X899 LT-52P789 LT-52X579 LT-52X899 PD-42DV2 PD-42V475 PD-42V485 PD-42WV74 PD-42WX84 PD-42X776 PD-42X795 PD-50X795 GZ-HD500BUS GZ-HD620BUS GZ-HM300BUS GZ-HG630AUS GZ-MS120AUS GZ-MS230AUS GZ-MS230RUS TH-BA10 TH-BA3 TH-G31 TH-G51 UX-GN6 UX-GP5 UX-G200 UX-G210 UX-LP5 GZ-E200RUS
Price: $14.99
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