ACCESSORIES - Connection Cables - 97-9477


6ft Stereo audio/video cable with gold plated ends RG59. Audio Right, Audio Left, and Video Excellent for connecting VCR, TV, DVD, Receivers, etc.
6 foot cable with RCA push-on connectors

For Models: AV-20F475 AV-20F476 AV-27CF35 AV-27F475 AV-27F476 AV-27F485 AV-27F577 AV-27MF47 AV-27SF35 AV-27SF36 AV-27S776 AV-27WF36 AV-30W475 AV-30W476 AV-30W575 AV-30W585 AV-30W776 AV-30W777 AV-32F475 AV-32F476 AV-32F485 AV-32F577 AV-32MF47 AV-32S776 AV-32WF36 AV-32WF47 AV-36F475 AV-48P777 AV-48P787 AV-56P777 AV-56P787 GR-SXM720U GR-SXM920U HD-P61R1U HD-P70R1U HD-Z56RX5 HD-Z70RX5 HD-52FA97 HD-52G456 HD-52G566 HD-52G576 HD-52G586 HD-52G587 HD-52G657 HD-52G786 HD-52G787 HD-52G886 HD-52G887 HD-55G456 HD-55G466 HD-56FB97 HD-56FC97 HD-56FH96 HD-56FH97 HD-56FN97 HD-56FN99 HD-56GC87 HD-56G647 HD-56G657 HD-56G786 HD-56G787 HD-56G886 HD-56G887 HD-58S998 HD-61FB97 HD-61FC97 HD-61FH96 HD-61FH97 HD-61FN97 HD-61FN98 HD-61G587 HD-61G657 HD-61G787 HD-61G887 HD-61Z456 HD-61Z576 HD-70FH96 HD-70FH97 HD-70FN97 HD-70GC78 HD-70G678 HM-HDS1U HR-A47U HR-A56U HR-DD750U HR-DD840U HR-DVS1U HR-DVS2U HR-DVS3U HR-S3600U HR-S3800U HR-S4500U HR-S4600U HR-S4800U HR-S7500U HR-S7600U HR-S7800U HR-S7900U HR-S9500U HR-S9600U HR-S9800U HR-S9900U HR-S9911U HR-VP48U HR-VP58U HR-VP770U HR-XVC1U HR-XVC20U HR-XVC21UJ HR-XVC25U KW-ADV793 KW-AVX830 LT-17X475 LT-47X576 LT-19A210 LT-23X475 LT-23X576 LT-26WX84 LT-26X466 LT-26X506 LT-26X575 LT-26X576 LT-26X585 LT-26X776 LT-32A210 LT-32DM20 LT-32DV20 LT-32D200 LT-32D210 LT-32EM20 LT-32EM49 LT-32EM49S LT-32EM49SB LT-32EM49V LT-32EM49VB LT-32EX38 LT-32EX38C LT-32EX38V LT-32E478 LT-32E478C LT-32E478V LT-32E479 LT-32E479S LT-32E479SB LT-32E479V LT-32E479VB LT-32E488 LT-32E488C LT-32E488V LT-32JM30 LT-32JM30ZAA LT32J300 LT-32J300ZAA LT-32P300 LT-32P300ZAA LT-32P510 LT-32P679 LT-32P679SB LT-32P679V LT-32WX84 LT-32X506 LT-32X575 LT-32X576 LT-32X585 LT-32X667 LT-32X776 LT-32X787 LT-32X887 LT-32X987 LT-32X987VB LT-37EX38 LT-37E478 LT-37E488 LT-37XM48 LT-37XM57 LT-37X688 LT-37X776 LT-37X787 LT-37X787KA LT-37X887 LT-37X898 LT-37X987 LT-37X987KB LT-40FH96 LT-40FH97 LT-40FN97 LT-40X667 LT-40X776 LT-40X787 LT-40X887 LT-42EM59 LT-42EM59 LT-42EX38 LT-42E478 LT-42E488 LT-42J300 LT-42J300ZBA LT-42PM30 LT-42PM30ZAA LT-42PM30ZBA LT-42PM51 LT-42P300 LT-42P300ZAA LT-42P300ZBA LT-42P510 LT-42P789 LT-42SL89 LT-42WX70 LT-42XM48 LT-42X579 LT-42X579C LT-42X688 LT-42X788 LT-42X898 LT-42X899 LT-46FH97 LT-46FN97 LT-46J300 LT-46J300SAA LT-46PM51 LT-46P300 LT-46P300SAA LT-46P300SPA LT-46P510 LT-46SL89 LT-47EM59 LT-47P789 LT-47XC58 LT-47X579 LT-47X788 LT-47X898 LT-47X899 LT-52P789 LT-52X579 LT-52X899 PD-42DV2 PD-42V575 PD-42V485 PD-42WV74 PD-42WX84 PD-42X776 PD-42X795 PD-50X795 LT-42P789 RX-DP10VBK RX-DP15B RX-DP20VBK RX-D201S RX-D202B RX-D205S RX-D206B RX-D211S RX-D212B RX-D301S RX-D302B RX-D401S RX-D402B RX-D411S RX-D412B RX-D702B RX-8040B SR-VS10U SR-VS20U SR-VS30U SR-V10U TH-A35 TU-2712SU TU-2812SU TU-4922DV XV-D2000BKJ XV-D701BK XV-D721BK XV-D723GD XV-E100SL XV-FA90BK XV-FA900BK VX-FA902SL XV-FA902SLA XV-F80BK XV-F85GD XV-M50BK XV-M555BK XV-M565BK XV-M567GD XV-NP10S XV-N222S XV-N320B XV-N322S XV-N330N XV-N332S XV-N420B XV-N422S XV-N5SL XV-N50BK XV-N510B XV-N512S XV-N55SL XV-SA602SL XV-SA70BK XV-SA75GD XV-S200BK XV-S300BK XV-S40BK XV-S402SL XV-S45GD XV-S500BK XV-S502SL XV-S502SLA XV-S60BK XV-S62SL XV-S65GD XV-1000BKL XV-421BK XV-501BK XV-511BK XV-525BK
Item Number: 97-9477
Price: $5.99