CAR ENTERTAINMENT - Installation Accessories - XG43475-339Y-WU


The moiunting sleeve is used to secire the radio to the vehicle


For Models: GD-R730BT KD-AHD65 KD-AHD75BT KD-AH79 KD-A525 KD-A535 KD-A625 KD-A65J KD-A725 KD-A95BT KD-BTP30 KD-BTP50 KD-HDR44 KD-HDR70 KD-R328 KD-R520 KD-R528 KD-R628 KD-R725BT KD-R820BT KD-S28 KD-S38 KD-X40 KD-X50BT XD-R530 KD-S19 KD-S39 KD-S79BT KD-HDR61 KD-S29 KD-R430 KD-HDR71BT KD-R320 KD-R330 KD-R420 KD-R530 KD-R54 KD-R620 KD-R720 KD-R730BT KD-R80BT KD-S88BT KD-S48 KD-X80BT KD-A735BT
Item Number: XG43475-339Y-WU
Item SKU: GE20279-001A-NK
Price: $10.24
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