• KD-R530

  • KD-R530

  • In-Dash CD Receiver

  • Features

    Bluetooth Ready In-Dash CD Receiver with USB and Dual AUX Inputs

    • Made for iPod/iPhone
    • PANDORA Internet Radio Control (for iPhone)
    • Application Mode for iPod/iPhone (For JVC Auto Router App)
    • External Mode for iPod/iPhone (Listen to Audio from Apps)
    • 2-Way Control for iPod/iPhone (Select Songs from iPod or Receiver)
    • MOS-FET 50W x 4 Max. (20W RMS x 4)
    • 24-bit DAC
    • Ready for Bluetooth Adapter (with optional KS-BTA100)
    • 1 Amp USB Power Supply (For Cell Phone Charging)
    • AUX Input X 2 (Front/Rear)
    • MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (CD/USB)
    • HS-IVi Tuner
    • 3-Band Parametric iEQ
    • Easy EQ
    • Source Link EQ
    • Loudness Control
    • High-Pass Filter / Low-Pass Filter
    • 2.5V Line and Subwoofer Pre-Output Level
    • 2 Pre-Output Terminals (Front + Rear/Subwoofer Selectable)
    • Subwoofer Control
    • Separated Variable-Color
    • Separated Brightness Control
    • Auto Dimmer
    • Beep Tone Support
    • Backup Memory / Radio Timer

  • Specs

    CD Receivers
    CD PlayerKD-R530
    CD-R/RW CompatibleYes
    CD TextYes
    MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3 Tag/WMA TagYes
    Random/Repeat PlayYes
    Frequency Response5 - 20,000Hz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio98dB
    Channel SeparationMore than 85dB
    Wow & FlutterLess than measurable limit
    Bluetooth ControlKD-R530
    Bluetooth Control [2]Ready (KS-BTA100 required)
    Audio Streaming & Control (A2DP1.2, AVRCP1.3)Yes[7]
    Voice Recognition Dialing (compatible cell phone required)Yes[7]
    Hands Free CallYes (Redial)[7]
    Internet Radio Sound & Control for Smartphone (A2DP1.2, AVRCP1.3)Yes[7]
    Mic UnitYes[7]
    iPod/iPhone ControlKD-R530
    Rndom/Repeat PlayYes
    Battery ChargeYes (USB)
    Pandora Control for iPhoneYes (USB)
    iPod/iPhone ControlYes (USB)
    2-Way Control for iPod/iPhone (Headunit/iPod or iPhone Mode) [3]Yes (USB)
    External Mode for iPod/iPhoneYes (USB)
    Random/Repeat PlayYes
    USB 1A Power SupplyYes
    USB Mass Storage Class (for music files)Yes
    MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3 Tag/WMA TagYes
    iPod/iPhone PlaybackYes
    Pandora Control for SmartphoneYes (iPhone)
    Tuner Type
    Preset Stations6 AM + 18 FM
    Radio TimerYes
    Backup Memory (for power disconnection)Yes
    Frequency Range87.9 - 107.9MHz
    50dB Quieting Sensitivity16.3dBf (1.8uV/75 ohms)
    Usable Sensitivity9.3dBf (0.8uV/75 ohms)
    Stereo Separation40dB
    SSM (for FM)Yes
    Frequency Range530 - 1,700kHz
    Maximum Power Output50W x 4
    Pre-Output Level2.5V
    MOS-FET AmplifierYes
    Audio DAC
    24-bit DACYes
    3-Band Parametric iEQYes
    Easy EQ SettingYes
    Source Link EQYes
    Loudness ControlYes
    High-Pass Filter/Low-Pass FilterYes/Yes
    Load Impedance4 ohms (4 - 8 ohms allowable)
    Line Output ImpedanceLess than 600 ohms
    Continuous Power Output (RMS) (CEA-2006 Compliant)20W RMS x 4 CH at 4 ohms and no more than 1.0% THD + N
    Max. Amp Gain SwitcherYes
    AUX Input2 (Front/Rear)
    Line Output Terminals (Pair)2 Pairs (Front + Rear/Subwoofer Selectable)
    Subwoofer Output with Level/Frequency ControlYes (Rear/Subwoofer Selectable)
    Frequency Response40 - 20,000Hz
    Display Type
    Separated Variable-ColorYes
    Auto DimmerYes
    Brightness ControlYes (Separated)
    Detachable Face PanelYes
    Wireless Remote ControlYes (Oval-Shaped)
    Beep Tone SupportYes (From Speakers)
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    Installation Size7-3/16'' x 2-1/16'' x 6-1/4'' (181.6 x 51.6 x 158.2mm)
    Panel Size7-7/16'' x 2-3/8'' x 9/16'' (188 x 58.5 x 13.6mm)
    Detachable Face Plate Size6-3/4'' x 1-13/16'' x 7/8'' (169.8 x 46.4 x 20.6mm)
    Weight1.21kg (2.7 lbs.)
    Rotary EncoderYes
    Power-Off Mode EjectYes

    [1] Not Compatible with DRM-protected musicpurchased from iTunes Store
    [2] Available functions depend on mobile phone.
    [3] Compatibility with 2-way control for iPod/iPhone differs by model.
    [4] USB playback not supported for NTFS formatted devices. When partitions are created, only the first partition can be read. (Maximum current supply 0.5A)
    [5] Compatible with up to 32GB SDHC and up to 2GB SD
    [6] KS-BTA100 required
    [7] Not available for DAB Radio
    [8] KS-BTA50 required
    [9] Switching from headunit mode to iPod/iPhone mode will pause your iPod/iPhone. For playback, please press ''play" on your iPod/iPhone.

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