AV Navigation System
  • AV Navigation System

  • KW-NT30HD

  • Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology/HD Radio(R)/DVD/CD/USB/SD Navigation with 6.1-inch Touch Panel Monitor

  • Features

    The KW-NT30HDT features a 6.1" detachable high quality touch-panel monitor with front-mounted USB port for easy connection with most iPods, iPhones, USB Memory Drives, and Digital Audio players. Connect your iPhone through USB and listen to audio/music from your favorite apps. Clear Channel's iheartradio programming is also controllable from the receiver's on-screen inferface. Simply download the "iheart link for JVC" application, connect your iPhone to the receiver, and listen to over 750 Clear Channel radio stations nationwide. Access over 2,000 digital quality radio stations using built-in HD Radio tuning and save your favorite song information with included iTunes tagging too. You can also dial/receive calls hands-free and stream your music without cables using built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

    • On-Board Flash Memory Based Navigation System (Whole map coverage preinstalled)
    • High-Sensitivity WAAS Capable GPS
    • Coverage: United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico
    • StreetDirector Assistant
    • Voice Guidance (English/Spanish/French)
    • Text-to-Speech (English/Spanish/French)
    • POI (over 6 million: infoUSA.)
    • Multiple Destination Search Functions:
    • Search by POI (Category/Name/Vicinity/Phone Number)
    • Search by Address
    • Search by Zip-Code
    • Search by Coordinates
    • Search by Previous
    • Search by Favorites
    • Search by Assistant POI
    • Destination Memory:
    • 100 Favorite Destinations
    • Last 50 Destinations
    • 4 via Points
    • Multiple Route Calculation Options:
    • Fastest/Shortest Route
    • Avoid Freeway/Ferry/Toll Road
    • Lane Guide
    • Speed Limit Display
    • Magnified View
    • Quick Search
    • Speed Alert
    • POI Alert
    • Adaptive Volume Control
    • MOS-FET 50W x 4 (20W RMS x 4)
    • Built-in 6.1-inch Detachable Monitor
    • Built-in Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology*1
    • (Phone Book Access Profile, Phone Book Transfer, Hands-Free Call, Audio Streaming)
    • USB Audio and Video for iPod/iPhone etc.*2
    • 2-Way Control for iPod/iPhone*3 (Headunit/iPod or iPhone)
    • External Mode for iPod/iPhone
    • iTunes Tagging
    • iheartradio Link
    • Front USB Port (MP3/WMA/iPod & iPhone Audio)
    • SD Slot (MP3/WMA)
    • MP3/WMA/WAV Compatible*4 (DVD/CD/USB/SD)
    • Built-in HD Radio(R)
    • SAT Radio Ready
    • DiAS II Tuner
    • Dolby Digital
    • 7-Band iEQ
    • 2.5V Line and Subwoofer Pre-Output Level
    • Line Input Terminals (AV + Video)
    • 3 Pre-Output Terminals (Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
    • Subwoofer Control
    • Line Output (Video)
    • Front AUX-IN
    • Variable-Color Illumination
    • Multilingual Display (English/Spanish/French)
    • High-Pass, Low-Pass Filter (50 - 150Hz/10Hz step, Slope -6/-12/-18/-24dB/Octave)
    • Detachable Face Panel
    • Rear-View Camera Ready (Dedicated Terminal)
    • Steering Wheel Remote Ready
    • Touch Panel
    • *1 Available functions depend on cell phone.
    • *2 KS-U39 cable required for iPod/iPhone video playback. Compatibility depends on iPod/iPhone.
    • *3 Compatibility with 2-way control for iPod/iPhone differs by model. Switching from headunit mode to iPod/iPhone mode will pause your iPod/iPhone. For playback, please press ''play" on your iPod/iPhone.
    • *4 WAV playback only available from CDs and DVDs. WMA playback only available from USB devices and SD cards.

  • Specs

    Car Navigations
    Screen Size6.1-inch Wide
    Number of Pixels336,960
    Color SystemNTSC/PAL
    Brightness ControlYes
    Touch PanelYes
    Variable-Color IlluminationYes
    Switchable DimmerYes
    TypeOn-Board Flash Memory Based Navigation System
    GPSYes (WAAS Capable)
    Speed PulseYes
    Gyro SensorYes
    CoverageUnited States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico
    StreetDirector AssistantYes
    Destination Search FunctionsName, Vicinity, Phone Number, Address, Zip-Code, Coordinates, Previous, Favorites, User POI
    Voice Guidance Language3 Languages (Female): English (US), Spanish, and French
    Text-to-Speech3 Languages (Female): English (US), Spanish, and French
    POIOver 6 Million (infoUSA)
    Destination Memory100 Favorites + Last 50 + 4 Via Points
    Route Calculation OptionsFastest / Shortest / Avoid Freeway, Ferry, Toll Road
    Lane GuideYes
    Speed Limit DisplayYes
    Magnified ViewYes
    Quick SearchYes
    3 Types of Vehicle Position IconYes
    Max. Speed AlertYes
    POI AlertYes
    Adaptive Volume ControlYes
    DVD PlayerKW-NT30HD
    Video FormatNTSC/PAL
    DVD-R/-RW, +R/+RW CompatibleYes
    Video DAC12-bit/108MHz
    DTS/Dolby Digital/MPEG Audio2ch Dolby Digital
    GIGA MP3 MULTIYes (MP3 only)
    Shock Proof MemoryYes
    Pause/Stop/SlowYes (Pause/Stop function only)
    Frequency Response16 - 22,000Hz (fs=48kHz), 16 - 44,000Hz (fs=96kHz)
    Dynamic Range93dB
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio95dB
    Channel SeparationMore than 85dB (at 1kHz)
    Wow & FlutterLess than measurable limit
    CD PlayerKW-NT30HD
    CD-R/RW CompatibleYes
    MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3 Tag/WMA TagYes (MP3 only)
    CD TextYes
    Random/Repeat PlayYes
    Bluetooth ControlKW-NT30HD
    Bluetooth Control [2]Built-in
    Hands Free CallYes
    Audio Streaming & Control (A2DP1.2, AVRCP1.3)Yes
    Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP1.0)Yes
    Phone Book TransferManual (500 Max.)
    iPod/iPhone ControlKW-NT30HD
    iPod/iPhone ControlYes (USB)
    iPhone ControlYes (USB)
    Play / Pause / Skip / SearchYes
    Random / Repeat PlayYes
    Battery ChargeYes
    2-Way Control for iPod/iPhone (Headunit or iPod/iPhone Mode) [3]Yes (USB)
    iTunes TaggingYes
    iPod/iPhone Video File PlaybackYes (KS-U39 required. Compatibility depends on iPod)
    MP3/WMA/WAV Compatible with TagYes (MP3/WMA only)
    Random / Repeat PlayYes
    iPod/iPhone Video File PlaybackYes (KS-U39 required for iPod/iPhone video playback. Compatibility depends on iPod)
    iPod/iPhone Audio File PlaybackYes
    SD SlotYes
    SD PlaybackYes
    Playable FormatYes (MP3/WMA only)
    HD RadioBuilt-in
    SAT Radio ReadyYes
    Tuner Type
    DiAS Digital TunerYes
    Preset Stations6 AM + 18FM
    SSM (for FM)Yes (for AM/FM)
    Seek (Up/Down)Yes
    Stereo/Mono Switch (for FM)Yes
    Frequency Range87.5 - 107.9MHz
    Usable Sensitivity9.3dBf (0.8uV/75 ohms)
    50dB Quieting Sensitivity16.3dBf (1.8uV/75 ohms)
    Stereo Separation40dB (at 1kHz)
    Frequency Range530 - 1,710kHz
    Sensitivity20uV (26dBu)
    Maximum Power Output50W x 4
    Continuous Power Output (RMS)20 + 20W RMS x 4ch at 4 ohms and no more than 1% THD
    MOS-FET AmplifierYes
    Audio DAC192kHz/24bit
    Advanced Multi-bit DACYes
    7-Band iEQYes
    Source-Specific Volume ControlYes
    Balance/Fader ControlYes
    Max. Amp Gain SwitcherYes
    AV Input Terminals (Video + L/R)Yes
    Camera Input (Video Input)Yes
    Amp Defeat SwitchYes
    Video Input1.0Vp-p/75 ohms
    Audio Input1.5V20 kohms
    Line Output Terminals (pair)3 Pairs (Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
    Subwoofer Output with Level/Frequency ControlYes
    Pre-output Level/Impedance2.5V/20 kohms Load (CD full scale)
    Line Output Level2.5V
    Compositive Video OutputYes
    Frequency Response40 - 20,000Hz
    Load Impedance4 ohms (4 - 8 ohms)
    Subwoofer Output Level2.5V
    Video Output Level/Impedance1.0Vp-p/75 ohms
    Detachable Face Panel with Carrying CaseYes
    Steering Remote Control ReadyYes
    Beep Tone SupportYes
    Rotary EncoderYes
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    Installation Size7-3/16'' x 4-5/8'' x 6-3/8'' (182 x 111 x 161 mm)
    Panel Size7-7/16'' x 4-5/8'' x 7/16'' (188 x 117 x 10 mm)
    Detachable Face Plate Size6-3/4'' x 3-1/2'' x 1-7/16'' (170 x 88 x 36 mm)
    Weight5.3 lbs. (2.4 kg)

    [1] Not Compatible with DRM-protected musicpurchased from iTunes Store
    [2] Available functions depend on mobile phone.
    [3] Compatibility with 2-way control for iPod/iPhone differs by model.
    [4] DivX(R) files must be less than 2Mbps for playback on USB.
    [5] Compatible with up to 32GB SDHC and up to 2GB SD
    [6] microSDHC/microSD
    [7] Moscow Region/Moscow City, Leningrad Region/St. Petersburg City, Nizhny Novgorod City, Sverdlovsk Region/Yekaterinburg City, Samara City, Chelyabinsk Region/Chelyabinsk City, Novosibirsk Region/Novosibirsk City, Kurgan Region/Kurgan City, Ufa City, Tyumen City, Belgorod City

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