CAR ENTERTAINMENT - Navigation Antennas - S34-8632-38


GPS Antenna with Cord to Receive Signal from Satellite

5M Cord 


For Models: DDX6704S DDX6904S DDX6702S DDX6703S DDX6902S DDX6903S DDX9702S DDX9703S DDX9902S DDX9903S DMX7704S DNN770HD DNN990HD DNN991HD DNN992 DNX570HD DNX570TR DNX571EX DNX571HD DNX571TR DNX572BH DNX573S DNX690HD DNX691HD DNX692 DNX693S DNX771HD DNX772BH DNX773S DNX890HD DNX891HD DNX892 DNX893S DNX5060EX DNX5080EX DNX5160 DNX5180 DNX5190 DNX6020EX DNX6040EX DNX6160 DNX6180 DNX6190HD DNX6960 DNX6980 DNX6990HD DNX7020EX DNX7160 DNX7180 DNX7190HD DNX9960 DNX9980HD DNX9990HD DNX719VHD DNX5120 DNX5140 DNX7120 DNX8120 DNX9140 DNX6140 DNX7140 DNX6000EX DNX7000EX KW-V820BT KW-M730BT KW-V830BT DNX574S DNX694S DNX874S DNX994S DDX9704S DDX9904S KW-M845BW KW-M740BT KW-V940BW
Item Number: S34-8632-38
Price: $38.50
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