CAR ENTERTAINMENT - Wiring Harnesses - ZYP9641-339


This is the Power/Speaker Harness that plugs into the rear of the unti.

It has all the wires that are used to connect the unit to your vehicle

For Models: KD-BTP30 KD-BTP50 KD-HDR44 KD-HDR52 KD-R328 KD-R520 KD-S28 KD-S38 XD-R530 KD-S19 KD-S38 KD-S39 KD-X200 KD-HR52 KD-X210 KD-R650 KD-R450 KD-S29 KD-SR40 KD-SR60 KD-R430 KD-R320 KD-R330 KD-R420 KD-R530 KD-R54 KD-R640 KD-R440 KD-R540
Item Number: ZYP9641-339
Price: $16.57
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