ACCESSORIES - Connection Cables - 488-913


6ft long, 3.5mm mini-plug cable for compulink control connections of JVC products
Links your components together for "smart" operation
3.5mm mono to mono cable

For Models: DLA-RS45U DLA-RS4800U DLA-RS55U DLA-RS65U HD-P61R1U HD-P70R1U HD-Z56RX5 HD-Z70RX5 HD-52G566 HD-52G576 HD-52G586 HD-52G786 HD-52G886 HD-56FH96 HD-56G786 HD-56G886 HD-61FH96 HD-61Z576 HD-61Z786 HD-61Z886 HD-70FH96 HD-70G886 PD-42V475 PD-42V485 PD-42WV74 PD-42WX84 PD-42X776 PD-42X795 PD-50X795 RX-DP10VBK RX-DP15B RX-DP20VBK RX-D201S RX-D202B RX-D205S RX-D206B RX-D211S RX-D212B RX-D301S RX-D302B RX-D401S RX-D402B RX-D411S RX-D412B RX-D702B RX-8040B
Item Number: 488-913
Price: $4.40
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