CAR ENTERTAINMENT - Installation Accessories - XG43967-330Y-WU


The mounting sleeve as originally supplied with your unit.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 7-3/16" x 2-1/16" x 3"

For Models: KD-ABT22 KD-ADV38 KD-ADV49 KD-ADV5490 KD-ADV5580 KD-ADV6160 KD-ADV6270 KD-ADV6580 KD-ADV7380 KD-ADV7490 KD-ADV8490 KD-AHD39 KD-AHD59 KD-APD49 KD-AR200 KD-AR260 KD-AR270 KD-AR300 KD-AR3000 KD-AR360 KD-AR390 KD-AR400 KD-AR470 KD-AR480 KD-AR500 KD-AR5500 KD-AR560 KD-AR600 KD-AR7000 KD-AR760 KD-AR800 KD-AR8500 KD-AR870 KD-AR880 KD-AVX11 KD-AVX33 KD-AVX40 KD-AVX44 KD-AVX77 KD-A605 KD-A805 KD-BT1 KD-BT11 KD-DV5000 KD-DV5100 KD-DV5400 KD-DV5500 KD-DV6200 KD-DV7300 KD-DV7400 KD-G110 KD-G120 KD-G120R KD-G140 KD-G200 KD-G210 KD-G220 KD-G230 KD-G240 KD-G300 KD-G310 KD-G340 KD-G400 KD-G420 KD-G430 KD-G440 KD-G510 KD-G700 KD-G710 KD-G800 KD-G820 KD-G830 KD-HDR1 KD-HDR30 KD-HDR50 KD-LHX500 KD-LH1100 KD-LH1150 KD-LH300 KD-LH3100 KD-LH3150 KD-PDR40 KD-R208 KD-R400 KD-R600 KD-R800 KD-R900 KD-SC500 KD-SC800 KD-SHX700 KD-SHX850 KD-SHX900 KD-SX50M KD-SX60WT KD-SX8350 KD-SX9350 KD-SX990 KD-S10 KD-S100 KD-S11 KD-S12 KD-S13 KD-S14 KD-S15 KD-S17 KD-S20 KD-S23 KD-S24 KD-S25 KD-S30 KD-S31 KD-S32 KD-S34 KD-S35 KD-S36 KD-S45 KD-S5050 KD-S52 KD-S590 KD-S6350 KD-S690 KD-S7350 KD-S790 KD-S890 KS-FX220 KS-FX490 KS-F190 KD-R200 KD-NX5000 KD-PDR80 KD-HDR20 KD-G320 KD-DV5100
Item Number: XG43967-330Y-WU
Price: $8.50
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