CAR ENTERTAINMENT - Parts - H6F-3392-93


This is the panel that displays the image

It is mounted behind the touch screen

For Models: DDX23BT DDX24BT DDX25BT DDX340BT DDX272 DDX350BT DDX373BT DDX374BT DDX375BT DDX393 DDX394 DDX395 DDX573BH DDX574BH DDX593 DDX594 DDX6703S DDX6903S DNX572BH DNX573S DNX692 DNX693S KW-V120BT KW-V130BT KW-V230BT KW-V320BT KW-V330BT KW-V430BT KW-V820BT KW-V140BT KW-V240BT KW-V340BT KW-V21BT
Item Number: H6F-3392-93
Price: $145.12
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