In the late 70’s with our college courses just about completed, my brother and I had to figure out what to do next with our lives. We had always worked in our dad’s TV repair shop after school and on weekends since we could walk and had always been around the electronics field, especially the service end of it. The transition to supplying repair parts was the path we decided to follow.

We started importing repair parts from overseas and East Coast Transistor was formed.
It was hard work with many ups and down but the business started to take shape. There was always one common theme-Always supply the highest quality goods at the fairest price with quick service, courtesy and respect.

Over the years we have represented many manufactures; Kenwood, Akai, JVC, Sony, Casio, Zenith, just to name a few. Our relationship with the manufactures has always been a simple one-We have always thought of ourselves as an extension of the brands that we represent and would treat our customers as the manufactures that we represent would.
Our staff has grown, but we have never lost focus on our original goals.

Whether your order is placed by phone, fax or on one of our websites each order is processed the same way, with care and attention to detail.

And if you happen to call, don’t be surprised if the person on the other end of the phone is Dave or Jeff. We have always been hands on and still handle some of the calls.

At Your Service,

Dave & Jeff Kiel