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Extended Data Battery 7.2V (2190mAh) Lithium-Ion, up to 4.5 hour recording.
*NOTE* Model GY-HM100U - up to 2 hrs 10 mins recording.
This extended data battery enables view of remaining battery and recording time at the touch of a button on the JVC Camcorder, even with the power turned off.
Dimensions: 30.5mm X 52mm X 46.5mm
Weight: 125g +
Use with AA-VF8U External Battery Charger (Optional)
"NOTE" The battery life shown is an approximate time and the actual time may vary depending on the model. Please refer to your instruction book for actual run & charging times. Feature usage will affect power consumption and battery life.

Item Number: AR68280-335Y
Item SKU: LY35458-009A
Price: $109.00
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